UUs and AFL-CIO Are True Partners

Unitarian Universalists have a true friend in AFL-CIO!

I reviewed UUA social witness statements from the 21st century. I found that with our most pressing issues, the AFL-CIO is fighting on our side. I can’t think of a better reason for us to be supporting unions.

Below is the list of issues where AFL CIO and UUs agree:

  • Reproductive rights LGBTQ Justice Immigrant justice Racial Justice
  • A just transition to deal with climate change and the environment
  • The democratic process and voting rights for all
  • Gender justice
  • Economic justice
  • Healthcare justice
  • Stopping exploitation of prison labor
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Opposition to Citizens United
  • Stopping torture
  • Ending present day slavery
  • Employment non-discrimination for sexual minorities
  • Freedom of speech and airwaves
  • Ending poverty
  • Religious Freedom
  • Moral values for a pluralistic society

AFL CIO takes no position on the following four issues:

  • Banning Capital punishment
  • Right to bear arms (or control guns)
  • Sex education
  • Peace

The one thing that unions won’t support:

In 2013 we passed an AIW called “Condemn the Racist Mistreatment of Young People of Color by Police”. Because unions are all about solidarity, unions will not be taking on this issue—we UUs will need to find other collaborators.


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