On-Demand Workshops

Gray Panthers & Raging Grannies

Senior citizen radicals lead this session. Emphasis on UU elders who are working on the programs that interest the UUJEC. The list includes antimilitary campaigns, antiracism, and the Green New Deal. Encourage multigenerational understanding as your congregation works for justice. Radical elders who are active in Unitarian Universalist programs for social justice focus their attention on anti-racism work, economic justice, climate change, and LGBTQ concerns. Looking forward, how can young and old help each other?

Speakers: Randy Block, Rev. Barbara Meyers, Cindy Piester, and Sally Jane Gellert

Moderator: Terry Lowman

Next Steps into Anti-Racism and Reparations

We will explore our society’s isms: such as, racism, sexism, classism, etc. These are mere symptoms of our culture’s real pathology: refusal to face its legacy of chattel enslavement. We will show individuals, congregations, and anti-racism teams, healthy concepts and strategies in our 6-part workshop which begins the healing from that past legacy of crimes against humanity. Our team hopes you will join us at GA, and beyond, to come to the rescue of our ailing culture.

Speakers: UUJEC Board Member Carl W. McCargo (M.S.), Rev Dr. Kristen L. Harper and Nina Kavin.

Wellness & Mutual Aid

Congregations are organizing for personal, social, and environmental wellness. Mutual aid moves congregations beyond paternalism and charity and towards partnership, empowerment, and political change. The wellness concept encourages healthy relationships. Be the change that you want to see in the world. This program provides helpful resources.

Speakers: Astoria Nickerson, Nancy Hoffman, Rev. Barbara Meyers, and Rachel Myslivy

Moderator: Rev. Robert Murphy

Working with Labor

Clayola Brown, President of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, a longstanding constituency group of the AFL-CIO, will be interviewed by Unitarian Universalist leaders who are active in human rights work. The discussion will include LGBTQ+ rights, antiracism, climate change ,and how labor and organized religion can work together for justice.

Speakers: Clayola Brown, Denise Moorehead, Terry Lowman, and Carlos Jimenez

Moderator: Terry Lowman