On-Demand Workshops 2024

Organizing for Health Equity

Workshop #D-33 on the Whova app

People want to have control over their bodies. Health equity work empowers individuals who are abused or ignored in healthcare. How can congregations be helpful? Hunger, homelessness, and climate change are the three major topics addressed in this skill-building workshop. Whova Details here.


Rev. Robert Murphy, Moderator, UU Minister Emeritus, Florida

  • Dr. Rashid Shaikh, Board Member, UU Ministry for Earth 
  • Rev. Ben Atherton-Zeman, Minister UU Church of St. Petersburg 
  • Lisa Pineda, President, Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition
  • Sally Jane Gellert, Co-Chair, UUJEC

Music: Joseph Talleda performs De Colores

Sustaining and Growing Democracy in 2024

Workshop #D-51 on the Whova app

A skill-building workshop to make good on the promise of democracy. Includes information about get out the vote activities, election defense, and how to expand democratic practices and institutions. Includes UU the Vote, union organizing, and abortion rights presentations. Whova details here.


Terry Lowman, Moderator and Co-Chair, UUJEC

  • Nora Rasman, Director, UU the Vote
  • Amy Weintraub, Director, Progress Florida Reproductive Rights Program
  • Dean Wanderer, Co-Chair, UU Legislative Ministry of Virginia
  • Rev. Robert Murphy UU Minister Emeritus

Music: Joseph Talleda performs De Colores