UUs for a Just Economic Community

Riches that leave another poor I do not want. -André Gide

Our Mission . . .

. . . of economic justice is to engage, educate, and activate Unitarian Universalist individuals and congregations, social-justice groups, and their community partners to fulfill our vision of positive systemic change. Using a process of study, reflection, strategy, and direct action, we work collaboratively “to change the economic story from Empire to Earth Community”.

Our Vision

UUJEC envisions a world that nourishes and sustains all living beings, where all people share the riches of the planet, where all voices are heard, where democratic process is practiced, where the inherent worth and dignity of every person is recognized and affirmed as set forth in our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Who We Are

Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) is a vibrant progressive organization committed to economic justice for all. Our philosophy is rooted in the UU liberal religious tradition—to create a world of justice, equity, and compassion. Our work contributes to a broader movement for social change, in collaboration with the UUA, UU Service Committee and grassroots organizations. We seek to inspire and help UUs to study our society’s economic and social systems and advocate for justice issues like The Green New Deal and Single Payer healthcare.

Lead with Love: Fall Conference Worship Service Wed., Sept. 27, 7 p.m. All Souls Church, Unitarian 1500 Harvard St. N.W. (@16th) Washington, D.C. 20009

Farming for Our Future

The farm bill connects the food on our plates, the farmers and ranchers who produce that food, and the natural resources—our soil, air, and water–that make growing food possible. 

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

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