UUA & Economic Justice

Statements of Conscience

Escalating Income Inequality, 2017

Escalating Inequality CS/AI, June 2014


Immigration as a Moral Issue, 2013

Civil Rights & Religious Liberty, Economic Justice, Reproductive Health, International Human Rights &
Justice, Racial Justice, Immigration

Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice, 2011

Climate & Environmental Justice, Reproductive Health, Agriculture in Environmental Justice, Economic
Justice, Reproductive Health, International Engagement & Building Peace, Climate & Environmental Justice

Economic Globalization, 2003

Economic Justice, Socially Responsible Investing

Economic Injustice, Poverty, and Racism: We Can Make a Difference!, 2000

Economic Justice, Racial Justice

General Resolutions

Environmental Justice, 1994

Environmental Justice

Poverty and Unemployment, 1985

Economic Justice, Equal Opportunity

Sharing in the New Call to Peacemaking, 1979

International Peace & Conflict

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