Stop the Privatization of Medicare

Effort led by UUJEC Board Member Rev. Judy Deutsch

Status: Passed       

WHEREAS, the privatization of Medicare undermines our Unitarian Universalist belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and in love, which requires us to act in loving ways;

WHEREAS, compared to other developed nations, the United States

  • Ranks lowest in health care access;
  • Has the shortest life expectancy and the highest rate of infant mortality;
  • Spent double per person on health care in 2019 as compared with similarly developed nations; and
  • Profoundly limits access to health care based on income inequality;

WHEREAS, it is imperative that we have:

  • An improved public Medicare system that would provide quality health care for all U.S. residents at a lower cost to individuals and our nation; and
  • Medicare For All, that would include dental, eye, hearing and mental health care;

WHEREAS, there is a concerted effort to privatize Medicare, to enroll people in private practices without their understanding or consent—in practices in which medical practitioners may refuse to provide needed care and reap profits; and

WHEREAS, the Biden Administration’s ACO REACH (Accountability Care Organization Realizing Equality, Access and Community) would allow third-party entities to manage senior care, enrolling seniors in for-profit programs without their understanding and consent—programs that will often profit the providers while denying seniors the care they need.

THEREFORE, to secure the worth and dignity of each U.S. resident, the 2022 General Assembly of the UUA:

  • Opposes implementation of the ACO REACH program and privatized Medicare Advantage plans;
  • Urges the UUA to contact Hon. Xavier Becerra, U.S. Secretary, of Health and Human Services and Hon. Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, imploring them not to allow the implementation of ACO-REACH and the continuation of privatized Medicare Advantage plans, and urging them to support a Medicare for All Program such as those introduced by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Jayapal;
  • Urges UU congregations, fellowships, societies and other UUA related organizations and their members to do the same, as well as to write their legislators to do what they can to see that ACO-REACH and privatized Medicare Advantage plans cease; and
  • Urges UU congregations, fellowships, societies and other UUA related organizations and their members to join National Nurses United, Healthcare-NOW! And Physicians for a National Health Program in fighting for a truly universal healthcare coverage for all.