On-Demand Workshops

Ecological Civilization: Earth, Religion, and the Human Future featuring David Korten

On a path to self-extinction, humans face a defining choice. Transition to a civilization dedicated to care for one another and the living Earth or bear the consequences. What might that future look like?  How might we get there? And what might be the role of the institutions of religion?

David Korten has guided the thinking of UUJEC over many years with his books, and his presentations at General Assembly and at our Annual Meeting.  We are grateful he will offer his most comprehensive analysis of where we must target our efforts as we confront the existential threats of war, economic and social injustice, endangered natural resources and species, and climate disruption.

Aly Tharp of UU Ministry for Earth; Michael Cox of Cedars UU Church, Bainbridge, Washington; and Lucy Hitchcock of UUJEC discuss next steps with David.

Ecological Civilization: Earth, Religion, and the Human Future. Click here to watch the recording.
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Faith Calls Us On: Faith, Religion, and Reparation

In this workshop, we explore the spiritual and theological imperatives for UUs to support Reparation for Chattel Enslavement in the US. 

For Reparation to be successful, it will be important for our society to understand why it is necessary, because the truth of Chattel Enslavement has not been told. 

Now, there are political forces emerging, to keep that truth hidden.

Our speakers, Connie Simon, Bruce Pollack-Johnson and UUJEC Board members Carl McCargo and Jane Bannor, provide information about Reparation work by N’COBRA, UU history on both sides of enslavement and racial justice, and connections to UU theology, spirituality, values, and principles (including the proposed 8th principle).

The session concludes with information about UU collaboration projects with N’COBRA and Reparations work in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Evanston, Illinois, and encouragement of similar projects elsewhere.

Faith Calls Us On: Faith, Religion, and Reparations. Click here to view the recording
Sponsored by UUJEC