Actions of Immediate Witness

UUJEC Supported AIWs

Code Red for Humanity: Protect the Livable Planet We Love – Addressing the Climate Impacts of Military Emissions

This AIW asks UUs to center diplomacy and peace above militarism and war as essential to meeting urgent climate goals that serve the most vulnerable frontline communities. This is in line with what the IPCC reports describe as CODE RED for HUMANITY and warning that it is NOW or NEVER to act to meet the 1.5℃ (2.7°F) target. We ask UUs to call for action by the Biden Administration, Congress and the United Nation to more effectively address the role of the Department of Defense as the world’s largest institutional contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Full Text and Status

Stop the Privatization of Medicare

Instead of ending the Trump administration’s Medicare privatization program, Direct Contract Entities (DCE), the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) has merely changed the name to ACO-REACH (Accountable Care Organization–Realizing Equity, Accessibility, and Community Health). However, that is just a friendlier name for a program that allows investment firms without medical experience to control our health care. This directly threatens original Medicare—even more than Medicare Advantage already does. This is currently [as of GA2022] planned to go into effect in January 2023—so the time to act is now! Join National Nurses United, Healthcare-NOW!, Physicians for a National Health Program in fighting for truly universal health coverage for all. Full Text and Status.

Anti-Racism and Reparations via Restorative Justice

This AIW will engage UU Congregations in conversation and workshops to claim truth and promote healing of our past legacies in racism, chattel enslavement and genocide, whose consciousness has morphed into this the 21st Century. The core of this AIW is the power of Restorative Justice which is needed by Unitarian Universalists as accountability required by our humanity and expressed by some as the proposed 8th principle. This AIW will put Unitarian Universalism in the forefront of healing our nation from it crimes against humanity. Full Text and Status

Labor Union Support

This proposed Action of Immediate Witness will express General Assembly support for Starbucks workers as they organize their labor union. Congregations will be asked to use the Labor Day season and the month of September to educate people about opportunities to support labor union organizing and other actions for worker justice. Full Text and Status

Education: Meet the Moment

This is an Action of Immediate Witness that responds to immediate problems and concerns. Including recent acts of censorship, school violence, and threats of violence. The national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic receives some attention. The Build Back Better plan continues to develop and it includes some important points relevant to child care and education. Full Text and Status