The Solstice

The sun moves further south and sets earlier each day. What if it doesn’t come back? You say it does every year— well, this year there is a darkness in our hearts like no other.

There is hate and fear and so little kindness even amongst neighbors. We have forgotten how to listen to each other. We just shout and call names.

I believe the sun knows; and is repelled. He shines his light on us all year and gives us warmth and the very energy to grow our food. We have so much and yet some want it all.

But worst of all, good people fighting over crumbs fight each other. There is so much—enough for all—except that so few take so much. The sun shines on them as well—so that we may see them. But all we see is each other and we continue our bickering.

Perhaps the sun will leave us all in our darkness. Perhaps only greater hardship is what we need to see how much we would instinctively turn to each other, instead of on each other.

Well, let’s hope and pray the sun returns and light works to show us the darkness that prevails—before it leads to irredeemable darkness and despair.

Joyous Winter Solstice. All my friends, family, neighbors, and fellow citizens. The sun shines for all of us.


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